Covid Updates


Covid-19 Updates - As of 30th March 2021

BEDROOMS - Accommodation can only be offered to key workers, guests travelling to attend a funeral and other essential travellers.  Please contact the hotel direct on 01324 840233 to verify and you will be required to provide a Key Worker letter either prior to or on arrival.

DINING - Our Cary Bar & Grill is currently closed.  We do however, still offer our Takeaway Menu.  Please visit our Facebook page or call  the hotel for a copy of the menu 01324 840233.

LIFE EVENTS As of Friday 8th January, we will only be able to offer accommodation to guests attending a funeral.  We will be unable to offer a funeral tea/wake.


As of 26th April 2021, we will be re-opening the hotel.

Bedrooms - Further guidelines awaited however tourism can restart.

Dining - Our Beer Garden will be open from 26th April.  Tables can be booked for a maximum of 6 guests from 3 households. We will be able to serve food & alcohol in the Beer Garden.

Cary Bar & Grill - Bookings can be taken for a maximum of 4 guests from 2 households.  Dining is available with no alcohol.

Life Events - From 26th April we will be able to accommodate Funeral Wakes and Wedding Receptions for a maximum of 50 guests.  At this time we will be unable to serve alcohol.